HINTERHOF TALK | New Work – The future of organizations

New Work is more than just an inflationary buzzword or a transitional pandemic solution. This quickly became clear among the participants in the discussion round. The concept of New Work describes the new way of working in today's society in the global and digital age as well as in professional and private environments. At our tenth HINTEHROF TALK "New Work - Organization of the Future", guests not only gained insights into home office setups, but also mutually benefited from organizational hacks, communication tricks and discussed data protection topics.

HINTERHOF TALK | New Work – Organisation der Zukunft - Gesprächsrunde


Whether home office and shared desk policy should now be the permanent state of affairs was not 100% clear at the end of the afternoon, but everyone agreed - "New Work" is a vision of the future and much more than just a Euro pallet with a cushion on it. What everyone had in common, besides the newly discovered family behind the work monitor, was a lively exchange within the company in order to work out creative, individual and constructive approaches to solutions together. It became clear that it was precisely in dialog with employees that the elements of New Work found their individual place in the company and that digitalization was being driven forward. The pandemic meant that a wave of digitization had to be launched as quickly as possible. Telcos were replaced by team calls and communication channels are synonymous with a communication hierarchy and priority. Thus, some of the companies equipped all colleagues with iPads for smooth communication over the Internet and others equipped their employees with height-adjustable desks for health maintenance. Dailies, digital coffees and shared lunches via delivery service were introduced.

HINTERHOF TALK | New Work – Organisation der Zukunft - Jens02


All participants agreed on two points: firstly, everyone involved needs security, and clear rules must be defined and communicated transparently. Regardless of whether flexible workplaces in the office or permanent remote work - jointly developed working methods for a team or the entire organization work best. The exchange of information with employees should also be regulated - when and how successes are celebrated and needs articulated. Team spirit and a vibrant corporate culture depends heavily on leadership and mindset, and not exclusively on a physical space. On the other hand, the aforementioned communication must not fall by the wayside. Frameworks for joint office days, dailies or other exchange platforms must be created to provide space for offtalk. Only if we offer the space for conversations in the coffee kitchen, whether digital or analog, can strong teams be formed and maintained.

HINTERHOF TALK | New Work – Organisation der Zukunft - Grafik Recording


In summary, not only terminology but rather the way we work together was reorganized. From this challenging time, it became clear how important the topic of New Work is and it was exciting to get to know the different perspectives and pilot projects. It also became clear that without the integration of the elements of New Work, freedom, personal responsibility, development, meaning and social responsibility, a company will certainly be at a competitive disadvantage in the employee market. 

We would like to thank Jan Heckmann (Head of IAA at the German Association of the Automotive Industry e.V. ), Pascal Kober (Member of the German Bundestag for the FDP), Malte Bädelt (authorized signatory and responsible at Gewobag for the areas of human resources as well as organizational development), Theresa Hingsammer (consultant at MR WOLF Consulting GmbH), Christoph Neumann (Head of Organizational Development at #FORTSCHRITT & Managing Director of WELTENRAUM GmbH) and Frank Tiefel (Executive and Digital Transformation Manager at PSD Bank Nuremberg) for the constructive as well as cheerful discussion round with some interesting background and information around the topic of New Work, entrepreneurial framework and mindset.